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This story contains glued on prosthetics/padding, stuck on clothes, body control, and crossdressing. (but split between two different characters)

Leaci arrived back at Yuno's house, quite tired after a mess of a convention. Yuno had gone as Ursula while Leaci had been Ariel for the costume competition, which turned out to be a fair bit more trouble than Leaci expected. First, Leaci couldn't wear their glasses as Ariel didn't have any, then Leaci had to use a wheelchair to get around. And then after the couple's competition, Yuno got Leaci to pose for some pictures, then when the singles competitions started, Yuno just left them! Leaci tried to get back into the wheelchair, but only managed to fall into the pool. Then once Leaci finally got back out, Yuno returned and pushed them right back in again, but not before taking her shell bra. Yuno finally did give them their bra back and helped them back out of the pool, though not before a fair amount of pictures were taken. Then there was the question of where the wheelchair had gotten off to... Furthermore, as a punishment for what Leaci had said to Yuno, she refused to let them out of the mermaid tail until after they got back! Though thankfully, the tail was set up so that bathroom breaks weren't a concern...

Leaci grabbed at the zipper and tried to pull it down, but like before, it was stuck.

"Oh, do you need some help?" Yuno asked.
"I suppose I can let you out now, it's been long enough."

Yuno grabbed the reluctant zipper and pulled, which actually achieved a result! Unfortunately, that result was simply breaking the handle off of the zipper, as well as knocking Yuno on the butt.

"Oh... well, in that case, I'll let you out as soon as I figure out a way for you to pay for it," Yuno said.
"Oh, come on..."
"Or would you rather I took your voice?"
"Well, then I hope you like being a mermaid for the next couple of days!"

"Okay, I got you a job!" Yuno told Leaci several days later.
"... What is it?"
"A teaching job, and don't worry about not being able to do it, that's all been taken care of."
"Also..." Yuno said, before fastening a pair of somewhat fancy and small earrings onto Leaci's ears. "They'll take control for your job if you don't know what to do yourself, also they'll make sure that you do show up and wear a good outfit if necessary."
"WHAT?!" Leaci shrieked, while trying to take the earrings off.
"Can't have you getting out of your job, now can we? Also, only I can remove them, and I'm not doing that until your job's over... which is once the school year is over. And by the way, that includes the fall term, spring term and summer term. Also, as long as you're wearing them, you'll be stuck as a girl."
"Oh, come on... this tail can't cost that much..."
"No, but that's what the job opening was for, you can't just quit in the middle. Also, I did get you a bunch of outfits for you to wear while you work, as well, you need to factor the cost of those in as well."

Leaci sighed.

"Fine, I agree... not that I have a choice, anyway..." Leaci said.
"Wonderful!" Yuno said, as the zipper on Leaci's tail spontaneously fixed itself before unzipping. "Though now you need something to wear... and a shower. There's shampoo for you already there so you don't need to use mine."

The clothes that Yuno left out for Leaci turned out to be a sort of fancy blouse and skirt, along with stockings and some sort of odd high heeled slippers. Additionally, there was a necklace and other jewelry, some hair ties, a set of fake nails, and some makeup which Leaci tried to ignore, but soon found themselves putting on regardless, and by the time Leaci left Yuno's bathroom, she was fully made up and had her hair in a bun.

"You look great! Also, that's one aspect of the earrings, as far as they're concerned, the proper outfit for free time is the same as the proper outfit for work. Well, except for the slippers, they're for house wear only, not for work or other outside stuff," Yuno said.
"Ugh... Are they going to make me do anything else?"
"No, just make sure you're always wearing a nice and fitting outfit, and also make sure that you show up for work and know what to do. If you do everything that you're supposed to do on your own, then they don't need to do anything at all! Though that might not be possible in terms of job stuff, as after all, you personally don't know how to teach, so you have to rely on the earrings. Oh, and just so you know, you're teaching theater, so you get to dress up your students in fancy outfits, as well!"
"But you can't just take out your frustration on them, unless you have an actual reason. The earrings'll stop you from doing anything that would get you fired, though then again, if you do get fired somehow, you won't be able to complete a full school year, and so I won't take them out..."

Once Leaci started teaching, it turned out to be surprisingly easy... though that was mainly due to the fact that Leaci didn't need to really even bother to try, their body just did everything on its own. The students, on the other hand, were a bit more difficult to deal with. Due to the enforced dress code, most of the boys and a couple of the girls kept their eyes on Leaci, though thankfully, the outfits that Yuno had chosen weren't anywhere near as revealing as the Ariel costume. However, the costume couldn't remain in the past, as Jeff, one of the students, decided to show off a bunch of pictures that he had taken... pictures of Leaci taken at the convention.

None of the pictures showed Leaci's breasts at all, at least, though that also apparently meant that Leaci didn't have any reason to punish Jeff at all, at least according to the earrings. Worse, this particular incident revealed to Leaci that the pictures had also been spread all around the internet, and there was nothing that Leaci could do about it.

However, a month into the school year, a chance to finally get revenge in a valid way appeared. Leaci picked a play for them to preform at the end of the term, specifically selecting one that fewer male roles in it than there were male students, then holding private sign ups/auditions for everyone, making sure that Jeff was one of the last ones to meet with Leaci.

"Okay, there's a slight problem, it seems that there's no male parts left, and too many female parts, so if you wish to participate in the play, you're going to have to play a female part," Leaci said once Jeff had arrived.
"What? Seriously?"
"Yes, though if you're worried about someone recognizing you or something, don't worry about that. There's plenty of padding, wigs and makeup here, you'll look just like a girl, there's even voice changing stuff. Though if you're not brave enough for it, you could instead just work as part of the behind the scenes crew, or as an extra..."
"No, I'll do it."
"Okay, now which characters do you wish to audition for?" Leaci asked, holding out a list of characters.

Jeff looked over the list for a bit, checking to make sure that too many people had indeed already signed up for all of the male parts, before picking three options, one of which was mysteriously still unclaimed.

"You're sure? Well here's the parts of the script that you'll need for your audition, make sure to practice before next class," Leaci said, handing the script segments over.
"Okay," Jeff said, before he left and the next student arrived.

Once all of the auditions were finished, Leaci pulled out another sheet.

"Okay now, everyone's done well, though I'll need some time to figure out who gets which part. And no complaining if you don't happen to get the part you were hoping for, alright? Only a single person can play a specific part, after all. Also, I'll need you to pick a time on here, that's when I'll tell you just which part you've received, and also that's when you'll be measured so that I can get you a fitting costume or costumes."

As everyone came up to pick a time slot, Leaci though about how their plan was going. It seemed so far to be going quite well, actually better than Leaci had anticipated, as Jeff was the only person who auditioned for the lead female role... maybe because Leaci had warned the others who had expressed interest in that part that they would be getting fairly messy in that part due to the comedic nature of the play? Granted, nearly all of the parts would get at least a little messy, though it seemed now that Jeff would end up taking the bulk of it... never mind the whole 'dressed as a girl' part. And of course, the entire class would know that he's playing a female role once the practice starts, and his name'll be on the roster as who he's playing once the actual play rolls around.

"Congratulations, you've got one of the lead roles!" Leaci said to Jeff once he arrived for his fitting session.
"What, what? Seriously?"
"You did have the best audition for it, now you need to get measured for your costume, as I know that we don't have one in quite the right size for you."
"Wait, will that cost anything?"
"No, there's a fun for new costumes and such here, so no worries about that. Also, you're going to have to wear this before the measuring," Leaci said, pulling out a corset.
"Its part of the costume, specifically the one part that we do have in your size at the moment."
"Okay... but how do I wear it?"
"For now, just slide it on over your shirt," Leaci said, as she untightened it as much as possible. "Then I'll tighten it up."

Once Jeff had put it on, Leaci grabbed the strings, put her foot on the back of the corset and pulled.

"Gagh!" Jeff exclaimed as it was pulled tighter. "Does it need to be that tight?"
"If you want to look the part, yes."
"I can't get a deep breath in this..."
"You'll get used to it," Leaci said as she started measuring Jeff.

Once the measuring was done, Leaci let Jeff back out of the corset.

"I get the feeling that you'll need to practice wearing it for longer periods of time if you're going to act in it. Also, seeing as there wasn't any outfits here in your size, you're going to have to come back again for another fitting, once the outfit and stuff arrives," Leaci said, holding out the sign up sheet again. "It'll take a couple days, so you'll have to sign up for sometime next week."
"Okay..." Jeff said, no longer sounding quite so sure of himself.

A couple days later, the supplies arrived, and several days after that, Jeff was ready to try them on... or at least he was available.

"Okay first, you're going to need to put this on," Leaci said, holding up something that looked to be a female butt, crotch and thighs, all in one. "Also, there's some panties for you as well. The changing room's over there, after you've got that on it can be glued into place, so the thighs don't flap around."
"How else are all of these supposed to stay on? It's fairly common in theater stuff, and there's stuff to undo the glue once we're done."
"...Anything else?"
"To put it on, you just wear it like you would a pair of shorts. Just make sure it's facing the correct way, unless you like having a literal butt in the front. And before that, you're going to have to shave most of your body to make sure the glue actually works well," Leaci said, while adding shaving supplies to the pile.

Jeff blushed as he grabbed the supplies that Leaci offered, and after he shaved and changed, Leaci took the glue to seal the area around the top and bottom of the fake crotch/butt thing, and glued the thigh padding in place.

"This feels weird..." Jeff said.
"Well, you're going to have to take your shirt back off for the fake breasts..."

Aside from the fake breasts, there was also a neck cover thing which hid his Adam's apple, while also giving him a more feminine voice.

"And now it's even weirder."
"I did tell you about that earlier, it's a lot easier than trying to make your own voice sound feminine."
"You're not going to pierce my ears, are you?"
"No, there's no need for that."
"Oh, good."

The final part was the wig, which was slid and glued into place after Jeff's natural hair was moved out of the way.

"And now for the outfit," Leaci said. "They're all the same size, so there's only a need to try on one of them."
"But first, you'll need the corset again."
"However, we'll skip the makeup. The makeup crew isn't here now anyway."

One corset tightening later, Jeff ended up wearing one of the outfits, a yellow dress with a bustle and a matching hat. Leaci then held up a mirror so that Jeff could see themselves.

"Oh, wow, I can barely even recognize myself..."

After a bit of practice, Jeff was undressed again, and Leaci got the glue solvent out and used it on one of Jeff's fake breasts. However, when Leaci went to pull it off, it refused to budge.


Leaci tried it again wish some more solvent, but with the same result.

"Hold on..." Leaci said, before looking at the glue that she used.
"Ah, it seems that the glue needed for these particular pads used a different solvent, which we don't have here..."
"You can get it, right?"
"Yeah, it'll take a couple days, though."
"Just great."
"On another note, this would be a good time to get you used to the corset... Just remember that the corset, and the pads and such are all properties of the school, so don't damage them, or you'll need to pay for them. Though as long as you don't do something crazy, there shouldn't be any problems."

Jeff slowly put on his original clothes, which no longer fit him all that well.

"You might also want to get some new fitting clothes, though the only ones here I think are just the outfit you wore earlier, and the other ones for the play."
"I'd rather not... It's just for a couple days, right?"
"Assuming that there's no additional problems, yes."

The next time they had class, Jeff was trying to hide everything under baggy clothes, and a hat.

"Please tell me you've got it now," he asked after class/practice ended. "Also, what kind of pads are these? They feel like they're real!"
"Turns out there is a bit of a problem... the solvent did arrive, but there's only enough to take off the stuff once, and those pads need to use that glue. They're a special, realistic variety, that's probably what you're feeling."
"Couldn't you just get some more for the play?"
"I could, but it's surprisingly expensive, so unless you're willing to pay for the extra, it'll be a lot easier to leave you in it until the play, and then unglue everything."
"But that's 3 months away, and I don't have the money for that!"
"Well, neither do I, and there's no place in the budget for extra supplies that aren't needed."
"Come on..."
"Maybe next practice should be in costume, after all they're going to find out eventually what happened, there's no point in trying to hide it until the play."
"You did this on purpose, didn't you..."
"What makes you say that?"
"For showing off those pictures of you."
"The school rules don't allow for teachers or anyone else for that matter, getting revenge on a student, and you can't blame me for an accident."
"I'm pretty sure that wasn't an accident..."
"If you don't believe me, fine. However I am generous enough to let you wear those until the play without having to pay for them, provided you don't damage them."
"If that's all, you can leave, I do have things to do, and you probably have class."
"Also, remember, next practice session is the pie fight, so do bring clothes you don't mind getting messy. Or like I mentioned before, it could be done in costume, they're designed to be easy to clean, after all. I'll send out an email once I decide."

Jeff sighed, and then headed out.
Looks like it'll be a long 3 months or so until the play for Jeff...

Jeff belongs to :iconpieclown:

Original incident:
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OneMessedUpHero Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Professional General Artist
the expression on the picture seems a bit blank, you having expression trouble too?
Lyhoko Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Hobbyist
Yeah, I've never been good with expressions, including in real life.
pieclown Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Professional Artist
Wow, 3 months dressed like in glued on pads.  I sure this will cause quite the embarrassment for Jeff.  I liked how you got Leaci to "take" the job.  They had it or their voice.  haha. 

And oh could this get worse. 

Well done "revenge story" and picture.   Yes he does look like Maureen O'Hara from McLintock!

I hope you had fun writing this story and the picture. 
Lyhoko Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Hobbyist
And with these pads, they feel like they're actually part of your body, and are fully sensitive...
pieclown Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017  Professional Artist
So for the next 3 month, he will feel like a she every time the pads are touched or hit.  So all the cold and mess will feel even more intense.  hehe.  Great job
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