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This story contains age regression and tg that happened prior to the story.

"Ugh..." Leaci groaned as she got up, before blushing as the memories of what happened earlier made their appearance.
"Hiya!" Yuno said. "Lozen's the one who caused the main problems here, also you're back to normal now. Or rather you are, your clothes aren't. Anyway, here's some replacement clothes, as well as a package of stuff that you might find helpful. Also, do make sure you're wearing the new clothes before you set things up, okay?"

Yuno handed Leaci a small pile of stuff, as well as a letter.

"That's all I can say for now, bye!"

And so, Yuno left Leaci behind, leaving Leaci to think about the whole 'acting like a dog' situation... First Leaci had been tricked into heading out to a park, then ended up being knocked out, and when she woke up, she was wearing dog-themed lingerie, and had dog ears and a tail, and at the time, didn't have the presence of mind to really do anything other than dog stuff...

Leach eagerly pulled the clothes out of the pile, wanting to get out of the clothes she had been given earlier, however the new undergarments were not any better, being all pink and frilly.

"Great, now she's having fun with me, too..." Leaci muttered.

After swapping out her undergarments, Leaci took a closer look at the rest of the clothes Yuno had provided. There was a fancy silky blouse, a pencil skirt, a garter belt with stockings, and a pair of high heels, so once she was fully dressed, she looked like a secretary.

"At least it covers everything, but why do I have to wear this?" Leaci asked themselves.

The letter provided with the stuff soon answered that question. Apparently the rest of the stuff was for setting up an automated daycare center, as well as tools to de-age Lozen and an outfit for her, and due to the way the daycare system was set up, anyone who wasn't dressed more or less like how Leaci was now would be considered to be a kid. It also contained directions to an empty building that could easily be re purposed for the daycare, as well as instructions on how to set everything up.

After arriving at the location, the process for setting up the daycare was quite easy, simply set a specific pellet out in the middle of the room, and then add water. One teal leech later, the pellet was watered, and a bunch of toys, decorations and a robo-nanny appeared out of thin air.

"Adult detected. Requesting operation."
"Acknowledged," the robo-nanny said before deactivating.

Another pellet was used to materialize a bunch of cameras, which were scattered around the room, then Leaci looked through the supplies that were left. The outfit for Lozen was a pink cat costume which also included a crown, and there was a combination stunner and de-ager.

Finding Lozen wasn't all that hard, as Yuno had gotten them to head out to where Leaci would easily stun them and then de-age them to around the age of 3 with the gun, though actually transporting them to the new daycare place was a bit more difficult, though a leech-based bag of holding worked.

Once Leaci arrived with Lozen, Leaci undressed them and then put them into the cat costume, before setting them down on a blanket. Leaci then steps back, sets the gun to "unstun," then zaps Lozen again, before dropping the gun into the bag of holding.

"Urgh..." Lozen groaned as she tried to get up, then fell over due to having a different weight distribution.
"What did you do?!" she yelled after getting a good look at herself.
"Not much, I just need someone to record for a commercial type thing for an automated daycare system, and given recent events, you'll make a good test subject."
"And if I don't want to!?"
"If you don't, just take the costume off."

Lozen felt around for the zipper, but soon discovered that the costume's paws completely prevented her from making any sort of effective zipper grabbing actions.

"I guess you do want to volunteer!" Leaci said after about a minute of futile fumbling by Lozen. "Activate," Leaci then said to the robo-nanny, who woke up and headed over to Lozen.
"No! Get away from me!" Lozen yelled before trying to run away, only to trip and fall over, during which time Leaci turned on the cameras, and the robo-nanny caught up and picked Lozen up.
"Are you hurt?" Robo-nanny asked.
"No! Let go of me!" Lozen said, struggling.
"Misbehavior is not tolerated," Robo-nanny said, before spanking Lozen.
"Ow! Stop that, you bucket of bolts!"

Lozen's actions earner her another round of spanking, before Robo-Nanny decided that her violence was because she was hungry. Lozen was soon stuffed into a highchair and strapped in so that she couldn't use her arms or get out.

"If you don't act correctly, then I'm forced to treat you like a baby."
"I'm not a-glm!" Lozen said, before Robo-Nanny took that moment to stick a spoon full of baby food into her mouth.
"If you behave during feeding, then you may play later. Now open your mouth."

Lozen calmed down and let Robo-Nanny feed her, though she looked far from happy about it.

"There, are you happy?" Lozen asked after feeding finished.
"Define 'Happy'."
"Oh, forget it..."

Robo-Nanny released Lozen from the highchair and picked her up again.

"You may play, however due to your behavior, your mobility will be limited."

The what was soon apparent, as a playpen was positioned upside down over her.

"Okay, I think that's enough recording for now... though I'll need to find someone who's better behaved for the rest..." Leaci said.
"Don't leave me like this!" Lozen yelled.
"Don't worry, Yuna and Nilche Lizhen should be come by shortly to pick you up, so don't worry!"
"What? No!" Lozen yelled, but Leaci ignored her and headed to the door.
"Please play quietly," Robo-Nanny said.

"I wonder how long it will take them to turn Robo-Nanny off... Could take a day or two if they have to wait for the batteries to run out, plus it's likely that Robo-Nanny will think that they're kids as well," Leaci said after they were outside.
Had a bit of a hard time coming up with stuff here...

Lozen (and Yuna and Nilche Lizhen) belongs to :icontherealyuma:

Original incident:
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TheRealYuma Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
The revenge is even better than the original incident.
Lyhoko Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist
Thank you!
TheRealYuma Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome.
jimmyinwhite Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I hope that there will be more  day care fun .. 
Lyhoko Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist
For Lozen and co, most likely, though I'm not sure of details on how to continue it in story form.
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